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All employment applications should be completed and submitted through our online recruitment system. This secure and user-friendly online system provides applicants the ability to view all current job postings, complete the employment application, attach job-related documents, electronically submit all information for review, as well as, check the status of his/her application within the recruitment process. Please follow the instructions below to get started in the new automated system.

  1. To Search for Jobs, click on "Search Jobs"
  2. To Apply for a Job
  3. Click "Login," located on the right menu bar
  4. Choose either "Login" or "Create an Account" or "Apply with Vitae"
  5. Click on "Search Jobs"
  6. Click on "Job Title"
  7. Click on "Apply to this Job" or "Continue your Job Application"
  8. Be sure to fully complete your Job Application
  9. Click on "Certify and Submit"
  10. Check the box and initial the verification of identity
  11. Once you have certified and submitted, you will receive a Confirmation Number

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